See below for pdf slides of my recent talks together with a list of places where they have been given.

Transient Loschmidt Echo and Orthogonality Catastrophe in a time-dependent non-equilibrium environment (pdf)

  • Seminar, RTWH Aachen University, Aachen, April 2015
  • Seminar, Boston University, March 2015
  • Conference, Echoes in Complex Systems, MPI-PKS Dresden, September 2014
 Strongly Interacting Matter and Light Far From Equilibrium (pdf)
  • Colloquium, Center for Optical Quantum Technologies, University of Hamburg, April 2015

Searching For Genuine Quantum Phenomena Far Away From Thermal Equilibrium  (pdf)

  • Colloquium, IPhT, CEA Saclay , February 2015

Slow dynamics and Aging in Isolated Quantum Systems Far From Equilibrium (pdf)

Transient Dynamics and Correlations of Strongly Interacting Fermions Out of Equilibrium (pdf)

 Quantum Many Body Physics with Strongly Interacting Matter and Light (pdf)
  • Seminar, Institut Non Lineair de Nice (INLN), July 2013
  • Seminar, Boston University, Boston June 2013
  • Seminar, Institut Neel, Grenoble, April 2013
  • Seminar, Institut de Physique Theorique (IPhT), Saclay, April 2013
  • Seminar, LPS-Orsay, Paris, February 2013
  • Seminar, LMPQ, Paris-Diderot, February 2013
  • Seminar, Rutgers University, New Brunswick January 2013
  • Seminar, Yale University,  New Haven, November 2012
Dynamics of Correlated Electrons and Phonons after global and local excitations (pdf)
Non Equilibrium Dynamics after a local quench across an impurity quantum critical point (pdf)

Real-Time Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for Non-equilibrium Quantum Transport (pdf)

  • Conference, Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Freiburg July 2009
  • Seminar, CPhT Ecole Polytechnique, Paris March 2009
  • Seminar, LPTHE, Universite’ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris March 2009
  • Seminar,  ICTP, Trieste October 2008